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This article will help you to find out why millions of people around the world prefer a PC over the Mac. Though they both possess several beneficial and valuable features and services, various things still compel you to think twice before buying your desired system – PC or Mac. It does not mean that Mac has failed in achieving its goal, but the simple purpose is to make out the 10 reasons why a PC is better than a Mac. So, let’s start gathering the reasons.

Play Pc Games On Mac

Is pc or mac better for games downloadIs pc or mac better for games download

#1 – Better for Games

PCs are better than Macs for gamers. The increasing graphics and size of games make PCs a more preferable and enjoyable option as compared to a Mac. If you want to play modern games, every time swapping out graphic cards can make it a difficult task. GameTap and Steam plays a great role in making a PC gaming-on-demand service with thousands of current titles, but GameTap in Mac works only with Intel and not for all titles.

MacIs Pc Or Mac Better For Games

Is Pc Or Mac Better For Games To Play

PCs Are Better For Games. Macs have, for some reason, have never been very good to gamers. You can get a Windows PC for much cheaper than a Mac. The least expensive Mac you can buy is. PC vs Mac is a quiz like test has been made simple and short to easely decide which is better for you. However the test result is without any guarantees. If you prefer more detailed reading we present you some of the sources from our research: Wisegeek.com, Lifehacker.comand thetechgame.com. While Mac hardware and software is denoted by its stability, the difference here has lessened. The odds of getting a virus or malware with a PC remain higher than with a Mac, but this is more about the numbers game than technology.